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This site contains adult content of a sexually explicit nature, please do not continue if you are not comfortable with frank language and explicit descriptive excerpts.

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I write erotic romance for women and you are going to love my work if you agree with me on the following:

- Did you enjoy the 50 shades of grey but you are now wondering what other colours of erotic romance is out there?

- Do you want your heroes to be standing on the precipice of evil, wondering how much fun it might be to jump?

- Do you root for your main characters to be together, no matter how difficult it seems, and you have no idea if or how they will ever get there?

- Do you believe that sex should be hardcore, hot, steamy and passionate, not love-making and flowery prose? Orgasms should leave you breathless and screaming for more, not weeping inconsolably and shattering you into a million pieces.

- Do you like stories that intertwine and bring seemingly incompatable characters together in clever erotic twists?